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Our Daily Programs

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If you are tired of suffering and pain and truly desire a complete life transformation, Sunday 10am is a must attend meeting for you!


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Faith and Money
Do you have Faith?
Do you have Money? 
Learn how to use your Faith to become Prosperous!


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Tithers' Consecration... How important is it for me?



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Eternal life is a dream to all mankind, but the question is: How to acquire Eternal Life? You will find the answer in the Night of Salvation... Wednesday 5pm


About us


3 things you might be missing out on...

Couples' Prayer

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The couples' prayer aims to reunite the couples...read more!

Day of Miracle







My name is Emillian Malamsha. I thank God because He has filled me with His presence the Holy Spirit. I have that confidence because during the 21 days fasting of Daniel, I faced a lot of challenges but I gained faith and courage to complete the whole 21 days of the fasting without any regrets. Read More






Zaina Mringo
Nilikuwa na matatizo katika maisha yangu ya kifedha. Kwa
sababu nilikuwa nikitegemea familia  yangu kwa  kila  kitu.
Sikuweza hata kujitunza mwenyewe,  ili  bidii  niombe  kila
kitu  nilichohitaji  kutoka  kwa  familia yangu,  na  nilikuwa
nimechoka maisha  niliyokuwa  nikuishi.  Read More




Felista Raymond Tarimo

Nilikuwa mlevi zaidi ya miaka 10. Hali hii ilikuwa ikiharibu Familia yangu, watoto wangu and muonekano wangu.Familia yangu ilikuwa ikinitegemea, kwa ajili ya Elimu, kuwapatia chakula na mavazi, lakini kila shilingi niliyoipata nilitumia kunywa pombe. Read More>>



My name is Agatha Kahesi.
There was time in my life I wanted to commit suicide, because of the unbearable pain I used to have in my stomach. Read More......






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Temple of Solomon

Help us build the Temple of Solomon with your Donation.

Kids Corner

Image 2Join Us to the Kids Corner for the Bibilical School for children where we believe that children are a blessing and deserve to be brought up Spiritually.
Read More>>


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Bishop's message

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Today's Quote

“Faith is not the belief that God will do what you want. It is the belief that God will do what is right.”

Max Lucado

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From Woman to Woman

Bible Verse Of The Day

Oh, that I knew where I might find Him,
that I might come even to His Court.” Job 23:3

How to Read the Bible

You may like to read the Bible and you may want to read it, but there will always be something on the way as if it wasn't that important anyway. But no one goes without food because it's just a basic need ..Read More

Drying Tears(5am)

Do not Miss our daily Radio Program Drying Tears only on 100.5 Times FM,  You will be blessed as you listen to our daily Spiritual encouragements to help you grow in the Christian faith .