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African Hair Tips

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Hair Care Tips for the African American Woman
Hair care for the African American woman can be a challenge due to the fact that most hair care products are meant for Caucasian hair. All is not lost, however, as there are many tips women can use to keep their tresses and scalps healthy and beautiful.
The first thing is to determine what type of hair you have. African American women tend to have hair of varying types due to ancestry. Some types are soft and curly, others are more kinky while there are some types that are straight. Regardless of texture or length, African American hair is beautiful and needs special attention to remain so.
Due to the differences in texture of black hair, it needs moisture but some types need more than others. The coarser, kinkier African American hair needs much more moisture. The first thing to do is to use shampoos that replace natural oils in the hair. Natural oils like Shea butter or coconut oil are good for moisturizing the scalp.
Using a leave-in conditioner that moisturizes is advisable for African American hair. This helps strengthen the hair and keeps moisture in. It also helps to give hair sheen and makes it more manageable.
Washing and Drying
When washing the hair, care should be taken to avoid excessive pulling and tugging on the strands. A wide toothed comb should be used to gently comb through the strands when conditioning to help make it manageable when dry. Conditioning is a necessity for African American hair.
Do not rub the hair with a towel to dry it. Instead, it should be gently blotted so as to squeeze out excess water.
Note: To maintain moisture, African American hair doesn’t need to be washed more than once per week.
One of the most important and yet overlooked aspects of hair care for women regardless of ethnicity is nutrition. There are many nutrients in food that help keep hair healthy. A diet rich in fruits, vegetables and nuts will provide a lot of what hair needs to remain healthy.
Drink lots of water as well. Water is as beneficial to your hair as it is for your skin.
Other Tips for Caring for African American Hair
There are lots of ways to care for your hair. Some of these include:
• When choosing hair care products select those that are specially formulated for black hair.
• Sleep on a satin pillow case to help prevent hair from splitting or knotting up. Alternatively, use a satin or silk headscarf to cover your hair before going to bed. Cotton sheets and pillow cases also tend to remove moisture from your hair.
• Avoid using grease such as Vaseline or other types of petroleum jelly. This type of oil clogs the pores which results in loss of moisture to the hair.
• If your hair is natural, keep a bottle of water close at hand to mist it so as to help maintain moisture.
• Only natural bristle brushes should be used on African American hair
Although the belief that African American hair is strong is still prevalent, this is not true. The hair of African American and other women of African descent is usually quite fragile. To add to the problem, chemically treating black hair helps to weaken it even more. When this is taken into consideration, the need to properly care for African American hair becomes even more important. Improper treatment will result in breakage and hair loss. Love your locks and spend time learning about the right way to care for your hair and it will love you back.


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