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Normally people invest in their appearance, house, career, talent, business, cause, or kids. But there are few who invest in others. Due to mankind’s natural disbelief, it’s much easier to invest in oneself, after all if you don’t get a return from your investment you don’t have to settle accounts with anyone. But to me the successful investor invests in people.

In order to invest in someone else it means to give them what you would have liked for someone to give you. Can I tell you a personal experience I had in regards to this? I read and savored my father’s book ‘Nada a Perder’, and what you see most in his life is people’s contempt toward him – it shows up in various situations.  Nobody believed in him, much less invested in him. Despite that history, my father never stopped investing in people. Everything he receives from God he immediately passed on to others.

I believe that everyone who truly knows the Lord Jesus does this naturally, because after all He made the biggest investment in the world toward mankind. Every moment he walked with his disciples, he taught them something, both for speech and behavior. His investment must have cost him a lot of work, and at first took a long time for there to be fruits, but nothing was in vain. As a result, today we have a bold faith because of this investment that God once again made towards humanity.

Now if God who is pure, perfect and holy, invests in people (those who are impure, imperfect and far from being saints) – won’t he invest in those who belong to him?

What happens is that there are many who only think about themselves, investing recourse’s and time simply on that which will directly or indirectly benefit them. That’s why fruits are so limited, not to mention spiritual fruits, which are basically non-existential.

Invest in someone today; you’ll see how the return will end up being greater for you than the other person.


Today's Quote

“Faith is not the belief that God will do what you want. It is the belief that God will do what is right.”

Max Lucado

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