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So called “love”

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One of the things that irritate me is when a woman doesn’t value herself. What’s worse is that you can do this in numerous ways… Today, I will address one of the ways which stand out above the rest. It has also made me quite angry lately.

Women with low standards.

She can even have principles, call herself righteous, like to do what’s good, but if anyone insists or requests something that “won’t hurt anyone,” she complies. Her principles go out the window and her standards plunge to the lowest levels, and do you know who pays the highest price? Her body, which begins to be used by others!

Heated dating, sex outside of a marriage commitment and sexual acts that reduce her to the animal world, she likes the attention. She likes to make him “happy,” and in return she gives herself like any other, and in the process creates a line of boyfriends who will have the same opportunity later on. So just like that, she slowly gives her self-worth away…

What intrigues me even more is to know that these women are super modern and often times feminists. “Men don’t have power over me,” they like to say. What a contradiction! He may not have power over you, but he has access to your intimates, your exclusivity and self-worth?

It’s because of women who don’t value themselves that many men undress them with only a look, they see them as a piece of meat and subject them to all kinds of musical lyrics that degrade their value, to the point of calling them dogs. “Who’s going to be the next to use her?” And what do you think he talks about with his friends the next morning, all the while the dummy sits at home day-dreaming and waiting for his call.

And don’t come with that lame story of I did it “for love!” Do you think true love subjects itself everything?

True love has high standards, exactly so that it exists and maintains. There are its conditions. It bears all things, but that doesn’t mean that it tolerates to the point of subjecting itself to what makes it trivial, cheap, and worthless. Love that subjects itself to all that is the kind of love that ends and true love never ends. That is the great difference.

The love I have for my husband bears the difficulties we face, but it doesn’t tolerate what is bad for me. There exist rules for our love, and these are very clear: he can’t hurt me or disrespect me. From the moment that you harm yourself in order to love, then that so called “love” gets put between two big fat quotation marks.

We are the ones that keep these rules alive, through limits. There are things that I won’t subject myself to, even with my wonderful husband. And he respects me because I respect myself first.

Through high standards, I maintain my self-value.



Today's Quote

“Faith is not the belief that God will do what you want. It is the belief that God will do what is right.”

Max Lucado

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