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Growth of the Universal Church

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Following a trial visit to the United States of America,the Universal Church was established in New York in 1986. Today there are churches i Brooklyn,Manhattan,Miami,Los Angeles and many other Us cities

Nothing would stop this great work of God and soon the Universal Church was established in

Canada,Mexico,Argentina,Paraguay,Venezuela,Colombia,Bolivia,Chile,Guatamala and Ecuador.There are also churches in Jamiaica,Trinidad and Guyana.

In Europe,the Universal Church has been established in England,Portugal,Spain,France,Holland,Belgium,Luxembourg,Italy,Switzerland and Poland.

After the Berlin Wall collapsed,the Universal Church opened its doors in Germany while the end of communism enabled the Universal Church to provide churches for Russian and Romanian people.

In Asia, The Universal Church has been established in India,the Phillippines,Hong Kong and Japan.

In 1992,the Universal Church came to Africa where the first Universal Church to be opened on this continent was in Angola.

The Churh is now active in South Africa,Mozambique,Cape Verde,Kenya,Lesotho,Ivory Coast,Malawi,Uganda,Nigeria,Bostwana,Namibia,Zimbabwe,Zambia,Tanzania and many other countries on the continent.


The Universal Church in South Africa

The first UCKG churches are built in South Africa
In September 1992,Bishop Goncalvez and Pastor David Higinbotham (now Bihop Davia) arrived in Johannesburg to establish the first church in South AFrica.

They found a hurch building in Bezuidenhout Valley to begin Portuguese services,with Bishop David conducting English services in afternoons.

After a few months,Bishop David looked for a building in te Johannesburg Central Bussiness District.After facing many obstacles,he finally found a former Score Supermarket in the basement of the Hekro Builingt in Hoek Street in the Johannesburg CBD.

The 3rd of January 1993 saw the grand opening of the Park Station church, which was attended by 200 people.By the following Sunday,the numbers had doubled to 400,then 800.Threafter,the congregation grew to such an extent that the members couldn't be countedd by hand,since thesmall basement could only accomodate 600 chairs.

Once again,other premises had to be found ,A former warehouse of the Blackchain Supermarket near Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto became our new premises and the grand opening was held at the end of August 1993.

Afew months earlier,in March 1993,the grand opening of the church in Durban was held.

The Universal Church kept on growing aand expanded to other provinces through out the country.

In 1995,the first Temple of Faith was built in Johannesburg.The Universal Church in Hoek Street moved from the basement and currently occupies the entire block on Hoek,De Villliers,Plein and Eloff streets.

Bigger and better Cathedrals

Numerous branches have been opened all over the country and the old Temple of Faith has been demolished to make away for a new and bigger cathedral. This cathedral will have a capacity of of 8,000 people seated,basement,parking and Sunday school services.

The Cathedral of Faith in Soweto which resembles the Cathedral of the Universal Church Global Headquarters in Rio de Janeiro,Brazil,has been completed.

It is not only the largest cathedral in Soweto but also in Africa,and is not only a tourist attraction,but a place where many people are led to salvation and given the opportunity to improve their quality of life.


The work of the Universal Church has touched and changed the livesof countless South Africans through the power of God.

On New Year's Eve 2005,the biggest stadium in South Africa,FNB Stadium,was so full of people who were eager to break into the New Year in the presence,that overflow areas outside the stadium had to be prepared.

Many other great events were held in order to bring the message of the gospel to those who seek God's help.Meetings of faith held in the Standard Bank Arena attract crowds of over 5,000 people per meeting.

Marches of faith againist HIV/AIDS,donations to needy areas,special services and visits to hospitals and prisions are just some of the many activities undertaken to spread te good News.


Volunteeeer Work
An excellent example of loving our neighbours is the work done by the volunteers of theUniversal Church. Throughout South Africa and the rest of the world,they ddicate their lives to helping and praying for those who have not seen God's power in their lives.The service they they render consists of visiting communities,hospitals,old age homes,asylums,prisons and rehabilitation centres,with the main objective of giving a word of hope and faith tp those who have not yert experienced the mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The aim of the Universal Church is to reach and touch people's lives not only via word of mouth,but also through other forms of communication,such as the internet The Church uses its website to preach the gospel and reach people from all kinds of back-grounds and walks of life.

TV Programs
Since television is the most commonly used form of media,the Universal Church has created well established Television Programs,which are Televised on a daily and weekly basis.They are namely DryingTears,Workers Prayer and the Program for the family.


Today's Quote

“Faith is not the belief that God will do what you want. It is the belief that God will do what is right.”

Max Lucado

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