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Fashion accessories

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The golden accessories are cute, chic and elegant, but wrong combinations can make the look a little strange.

The biggest question of the people is how to mix shades of gold and other metal? And the biggest mistake is to mix together accessories, jewels and trinkets too big in one look, for example, use a large earring and a large necklace.

The secret is to use harmoniously because it is a dangerous colour.

Golden earrings and necklaces

The gold is not exclusive of the night. Depending on the accessory, you can wear well during the day as well. In the case of jewellery, it is better to use smaller for the day and bigger at night, but it is important to emphasize that all depends on the outfit. In general, large golden accessories and jewellery look better with a discreet outfit. And the smaller pieces tend to fall into clothes better with more details or prints. Looks great in looks for parties, for example, using a mix of various delicate golden necklaces with a long skirt.

Mixing gold and silver accessories, contrary to what many people think, it's entirely possible. But it is important that the gold and silver pieces always talk to each other. There is a rule, it is important that the production is balanced. Gold is always more risky than the silver.

When making combinations, stay attentive. If you use a golden and shining purse, it’s good to decrease in jewels and gold fixtures or other metal tone.



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