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Did you know that your body speaks?

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We communicate with the world without a single word through our posture alone. That is why it is not enough just to better ourselves intellectually; we must attend to how we walk, sit down, greet others, eat, look and gesture. Depending on your bodily expressions, you will reveal whether you are interested in a subject or not, your emotional state, if you are easy going, if you are being sincere or if you are hiding something… You give away more information than you think.

Besides, good posture goes beyond appearance and elegance; it prevents many health problems, especially those associated with the back, the muscles, the articulations, and the respiratory and the digestive systems. Seeing that we only gain by learning and practising this, below are some tips for our day-to-day lives:

When walking, leave your arms hanging in a relaxed way next to your body and do not swing them too forcefully or in a way that draws much attention. Walk naturally; avoid long steps that resemble marching bands, and obviously raise your feet and never drag them! Keep your head up and look straight ahead. Only those who are sad walk with their heads down; this transmits a negative message.

Do you really have all that belly fat? I ask this because if we have a bad posture, unwanted belly fat becomes visible. To avoid or to lessen this problem, the shoulders should be straight, the shoulder blades should be aligned and the back should be straight. Do not curve your body forward as if you were carrying the world on your back. Try smiling with your shoulders. Did you notice that when we talk about good posture, everyone examines themselves and straightens their backs? LOL!

Do not throw yourself at the chair when you sit. Do it gently and avoid sitting on the edge of the chair, because an accident might happen. Skirts and dresses are very feminine and elegant, but we must be careful when using them. Not every model of skirt is appropriate for crossing our legs. For a tight model such as the pencil skirt, rest one leg on the other side by side, slightly inclined, as if you were a princess, or you can incline your legs together and cross your ankles.

When crossing your legs, the tips of your feet should be pointing down as a ballerina’s feet. If you are sitting in an auditorium, do not stretch your legs to the point of touching the chair in front of you. Your hands should rest on your thighs; avoid placing them on your knees.

Do not relax in your workplace while sitting or standing; always maintain a good posture. If you cannot manage to correct your posture by yourself, seek a professional that will help you. Sometimes, the body gets so used to the wrong posture that, when you are correct, it seems that you are wrong. Much effort is needed, but you will succeed!



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“Faith is not the belief that God will do what you want. It is the belief that God will do what is right.”

Max Lucado

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