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Drugs, gangs and violence surrounded him.

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My dad left me and my mom when I was only 3 years old

• I grew up trying to protect my mom and make her happy
• At the age of 13 my mom started dating a drug dealer and addict
• I soon stopped caring and got involved in gangs, drugs and violence
• My mom saw the UCKG TV program and we decided to attend
• Now I am happy and dedicate my life to serve God.

For as long as I can remember, my life had always been one surrounded by violence and suffering. My parents, who were only teenagers when I was born, didn't know how to raise me. My dad would constantly hit me with belts, extension cords and even with his own fist. Then, at the age of 3, my dad left us alone, leaving my mom depressed and having to struggle to provide for us. 

While growing up, I tried my best to make my mom happy. I did well in school and tried to help her out in as much as I could, however, at the age of 13, problems started again. My mom met a guy who she started dating. He became my role model, I started to talk, dress and act like him, and when I saw that he smoked weed and sold drugs in the house without my mom objecting to it, I figured it was alright. 

One day, my mom and her boyfriend had a violent fight in which I tried to defend her. I asked her to not allow him back into the house, but when I saw that she ignored what I said and took him back, I felt rejected and hurt. I started to think that she didn't value me or what I had done to try to care for her, so I decided I wouldn't care either. I started smoking and drinking, got involved with gangs, drug dealing and began skipping school. I became very aggressive and found pleasure in seeing other people get hurt and even bleed because of me. Meanwhile, an emptiness was growing inside of me, making me feel lonely and questioning if there was really a reason to live.

During that time, my mom saw the UCKG TV program and decided to visit the church. I went with her, and after some time I realized that God was the only one who could give me the help I needed. I asked Him to change my life, and after that moment in which I gave Him my life, things started changing.

Today, the emptiness and loneliness that were in me before have now been replaced with a happiness I never thought was possible. I was able to leave behind the drugs, the drinking and the gangs, and now I dedicate my life to reach out to others who are also suffering. God truly transformed my life in an amazing way!

Anthony Polanco



Today's Quote

“Faith is not the belief that God will do what you want. It is the belief that God will do what is right.”

Max Lucado

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