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Charm in person

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He called your attention through his looks: he’s so hot, when girls look from afar their heart stops… The girls were crazy about him and he knew this, so much so that he lived surrounded by them. His Facebook is full of candidates who want a piece of him, and a list of friends that envy him because of this. Every photo is sexier than the last. He knows he’s handsome, so he takes advantage of this.

When he got close to you one day, a voice told you to run away. You knew it wouldn’t work out, that his type was not what you needed, but your heart… The silly thing wouldn’t let you be. But you said it would just be a friendship and that’s it. Who knew, perhaps as a friend you would be able to help bring out the type of man you had been looking for? Through this innocence you fell in “love” with him.

Flowers and chocolates became frequent visitors, what a charmer! He could have chosen any other, but he chose you… And when you would stay up talking late he would open up. Tell you how he felt sad with certain things in his life, his parents who wouldn’t understand him, his friends who wouldn’t understand him, and the dreams which no one accepted… And you felt awesome, like his best friend, the “problem-solver” when he needed to open up. The ties became more constant every time, the e-mails, the messages, the texts, that then turned to secret meetings.

It seemed like a forbidden love, nobody could know, after all no one would understand what you felt for each other. And you believed in everything that he told you until one day, after he was able to get you into bed with him, his other side showed up. He wasn’t so romantic or caring. He didn’t answer on the first call anymore, actually his cell phone started to be really busy at the times that it should be just you and him… But you decided not to take these signs seriously, after all, love is like that right, it brings you to suffer, what’s important is not to give up.

That’s when a friend of yours told you about a rumor that he had literally cheated on you. You didn’t accept it, you even stopped being her friend, you came to the conclusion that she was jealous of what you had together. And there you went after him, but he really did change. He had a strange look to him. And though you weren’t totally happy with his most recent attitudes, you stayed with him and did everything he wanted. Until finally one day the penny dropped. The only problem is it was too late… You got pregnant and he left you.

This is a very common story between adolescent girls and women now-a-days. They should know about “charm in person.” But they believe everything that these ‘Casanovas’ say though there is not the slightest sign of proof that they really are what they say. And these girls even have the audacity to say “it was God who brought us together,” “I’m sure that this is from God, and “he is everything that I asked God for.” Give me a break, makes me feel like throwing a bucket of cold water on them!
Just because we’re hungry for attention and romance we don’t need to give a chance to everything that shows up! Let’s be more valuable in our own eyes! Or could it be that you would throw away all your life savings on a guy you met on Facebook yesterday to help in his investments? No one would do this with money… Just with their life right!

But there’s always a girl who say: “Oh, but I was just crushing on him, I didn’t really want anything serious.” But could it be that this is not just what you tell yourself, since this always seems to be repeating itself? Perhaps you say that so you don’t feel so used and thrown to the side?

These cads (Casanovas) only exist because of adolescent girls and women like this, ones who are easily led by sweet talk. You are a beautiful woman from inside-out and deserve much more! Believe and keep yourself, you’re not just anyone



Today's Quote

“Faith is not the belief that God will do what you want. It is the belief that God will do what is right.”

Max Lucado

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