On the 19th of December 2010 the Biblical School for children celebrated its first ever end of the year party, where more than two hundred children gathered together for this great celebration. It was fun, fun, fun all the way as the children enjoyed themselves. The clown kept the little ones entertained with games, while the face painters worked tirelessly painting their faces. Other entertainment included two giant jumping castles. The children also enjoyed themselves with sweets, popcorn, cakes and all sorts of goodies. After the fun and games, Pr. Marcos Braga made a special prayer to bless the children, asking God to protect them and above all to make them to grow up in His presence. Then the pastor handed gifts to all the children. Nothing can describe the reaction on their faces as they eagerly opened their gifts. Many of these children came from disadvantaged backgrounds and had never received such a gift as their parents couldn’t afford it. They will never forget this day. The party finally ended and the children went home extremely happy.




On the 31st of January the BSC Choir made a spectacular performance for the members of the church. With singing and dancing the little ones gave it all for the glory of the Lord the Jesus as they sang, ‘Hey you Satan, I am not going back, but I am moving forward with Jesus,’



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